What we’re about

This is a project about the day-to-day challenges faced by people from a variety of backgrounds united by their common experience of financial hardship and lack of opportunity. Drawing on individual interviews with – and personal testimonies from – adults affected by benefit cuts, a precarious, low-waged job market, rising living costs and overstretched, eroded public services, it aims to shed light on the impact on people across society of years of austerity and depleted, increasingly conditional, social security support.

Published by Dr James Morrison

James Morrison is a writer and academic, currently working as a Reader in Journalism at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. A former national newspaper journalist, his research focuses on media and political discourses around marginalized and disadvantaged groups and the relationship between popular narratives about them, their own lived experiences and public attitudes towards them. His books include Scroungers: Moral Panics and Media Myths, Familiar Strangers, Juvenile Panic and the British Press: The Decline of Social Trust, and the forthcoming The Left Behind: Reimagining the Socially Excluded.

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