How you can help out

Although we have already interviewed a number of people, we are still keen to hear from anyone who has direct personal experience of any or all of the following:

  • financial hardship, precarious work, benefit cuts and the difficulties of living on low pay and/or working-age social security
  • conditionality and sanctions in the benefits system
  • in-work, food and/or fuel poverty
  • high-cost, insecure and/or poor quality housing
  • inequalities in access to education, training, health and/or social care services
  • economic and other disadvantages relating to gender, disability, race and/or ethnicity

We have a limited number of gift vouchers worth between £10 and £20 that we can offer to people able to spare an hour or two of their time to talk about their experiences and/or write down or record some personal reflections. All interviews are conducted anonymously and no details that could lead to identification will be included in any resulting research publications – without the explicit prior consent of the individuals concerned.

Anyone interested in taking part should contact Dr James Morrison at in the first instance